20′ Round Aluminum Camera Pole

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Round Aluminum Camera Pole Sketch


These camera poles are typically used for security, surveillance and cctv applications. They are 6″ round in diameter, made from 0.125″ aluminum. They can be purchased with satin finish or dark bronze (if you require different colors just give us a call). They are designed to be mounted on a concrete foundation and come with base plate and anchor bolts. They have hand-holes and hand-hole covers.length 10ft.


Shaft: Shaft Size 6″ diameter.
Wall Thickness: 0.125″.
Height: 20 ft.
Color: Bronze powder coating or satin finish. For different colors give us a call.
Bolt Circle: 9 - 10 in.
Bolt Projection: 2.75″
Base Dimension: 9.75″
Anchor Bolt: 1″ x 36″ x 4″